A pleasant walk to admire the characteristic panorama of Pisa, from Piazza dei Miracoli to Piazzetta Del Rosso, from above. This is what awaits you as you climb up to a height of around 11 metres in one of Tuscany’s most evocative cities.

The city walls of the ancient maritime republic are the ideal starting point on a journey to discover enchanting hidden views, flower gardens and the famous great monuments of Piazza dei Miracoli.


In the Middle Ages Pisa was one of the richest and most prosperous cities in all of Italy and for this reason, as of 1154, it was furnished with new walls, up to 11 metres high and over 2 metres thick and fortified with towers and bastions. The overall perimeter measured 6,435 metres and followed the natural elements present, in particular the waterways that skirted or passed through the residential centre. The city walls remained largely intact until the second half of the 19th century; it was only later, with the expansion of the city, that they were no longer protected and significant demolitions were carried out.

After various decades a long and painstaking restoration project was launched making it possible to restore an approximately 3 km stretch of wall to the city, accessible from four different points.

Experience the magic of rediscovering Pisa from above and listen to the stories of its past. Don’t pass up this opportunity, book your visit now!


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Feature List

  • Info line
  • Wheelchair accessible


  • Access for visitors with disabilities at Torre Piezometrica, Piazza delle Gondole, Torre di Legno 
  • The high-altitude itinerary is accessible from Torre di Legno to Torre del Barbagianni and the entire stretch from Piazza Gondole to Porta Manin.
  • The site is partially accessible



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Access and exit points 
_Santa Maria Tower in Piazza Duomo
_Piazza delle Gondole
_Piezometrica Tower (inside the Fibonacci university complex (formerly Marzotto) with access from Via Buonarroti, Via S. Francesco and Via Vittorio Veneto)
_Wood Tower
Access and exit points for people with disabilities
_Piezometrica Tower 
_Piazza delle Gondole
_Wood Tower

The complete route from the Torre Santa Maria to the Torre di Legno takes about 1 hour.


Torre Santa Maria, Pisa