Museo Nazionale Romano

Museo Nazionale Romano

Four locations, one great history of culture.

The National Roman Museum has as its mission the acquisition, conservation, enhancement and use of a unique cultural heritage in the world. This exceptional testimony of the past is promoted and developed by the National Roman Museum, projecting the sense of historical continuity into the future.

The creation of a "Museum of Antiquities in the Capital of the Kingdom" was a need felt as soon as Rome became the capital of Italy in 1870.

The National Roman Museum was established on March 7, 1889.

Today the Museum is organized in four locations, each with its own specificity:

Palazzo Altemps, an aristocratic sixteenth-century residence, dedicated to historical collections and the story of collecting;
Palazzo Massimo where the masterpieces of Roman artistic production found in the city of Rome and its territory and the medal table of the Roman National Museum are exhibited;
Baths of Diocletian house the Museum of Written Communication of the Romans and the Museum of Protohistory of the Latin Peoples;
Crypta Balbi with its archaeological area.