Domus Aurea. English tour at archaeological restoration site with virtual reality

1 h .15 min

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  • guided tour with virtual reality € 14,00 - people under 12 years old € 10,00
    just to collect onsite

  • free guided tour with virtual reality
    just to collect onsite

  • reservation fee € 2,00



As for the oculus rift, the use of this device is not recommended for prolonged periods to children under the age of 13. Its use is not recommended to people with epilepsy or severe eye conditions.

The use of the oculus rift can be difficult for those who wear eyeglasses, especially in  case of glasses with a large frame. We therefore recommend the use of contact lenses for an optimal use of the service.

In order to enjoy the visit, we recommend the use of comfortable shoes and jacket (the site has 90% moisture).

Domus Aurea may be closed to the public on statement of Archeological Superintendency, without any possibility of notice, even on the day of the visit. In that case, pre-sold tickets will be refunded.

Each customer can reserve maximum 46 individual places for the same date.

Domus Aurea Project tour is no longer free on the first Sunday of the month.

Domus Aurea: Viale della Domus Aurea, 1