Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine regular entrance

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Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine ordinary entrance
Full € 16.00 Reduced € 2.00
Valid 24 hours from the first use, it allows only one timed access to the Colosseum and one open access to the archaeological area of the Roman Forum-Palatine Hill, including the current exhibition.


Access to the Colosseum, in this first phase, will be exclusively from the so-called "Sperone Valadier" and can be used by individuals or groups of up to 14 people, adequately spaced, who will enter every 15 minutes and will always be accompanied along the entire route. Immediately before entering the monumental area, inside mobile structures, infrared devices will measure the personal temperature, indicating the presence of people with a body temperature above 37.5 °: in this case, the removal protocol will be used . Subsequently, visitors will pass by the security scanner and the turnstiles with a dematerialized ticket. For security reasons all visitors, as well as their baggage, must be checked. To facilitate the performance of the security checks, please insert any object (including mobile phones) in the bag / backpack or in the special tray to be inserted in the x-ray.
The Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine ticket ordinary entry is valid for 24 hours from the first use, it allows only one timed entrance to the Colosseum and one open entrance to the archaeological area of ​​the Roman Forum-Palatine, including the current exhibition. The visit / travel time inside the Colosseum is 45 minutes.
Access to the Palatine Forum area is allowed by a single entrance at Largo della Salara and does not require a time reservation. Visitors will be able to enter the site according to the availability checked on the spot at the moment.

The visitor, wearing a mask, must arrive at the park already in possession of his / her access ticket, 15 minutes before the booked access time. Simultaneously with the purchase of the ticket, and included in the price of the same, the visitor will be sent a link to download, on their mobile device, an App essential for the use of the Park. This App, to be activated before entering the Park, will have several functions:

Communicate clearly and precisely all the procedures to be admitted to the entrance;
specify the timings useful to better manage the visit;
demonstrate possession of the entrance ticket and any services purchased;
The use of comfortable shoes is recommended
It is forbidden to enter the monument with bottles, glass containers, alcoholic drinks and spray cans
The entrances to the monument, arranged along Via dei Fori Imperiali, have ramps
The "first order" ground floor of the amphitheater is accessible to wheelchair users
The "second order" first floor is accessible via elevators
Full admission € 16.00
Reduced admission € 2.00
Presale fee € 2.00
For all types of tickets (full, reduced and free) only the print @ home mode will be available (no cash collection).
The congruity of reduced and free will be verified by the access control. If the NON-correspondence of the adequacy of the reduced or free admission ticket is verified, a new ticket will be issued based on availability.

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The number of 14 pax includes adults, children, guides, escorts, etc., therefore no one can be added over 14.
· Citizens aged between 18 and 25 years of the European community, according to the law 28.09.1999 n. 275, and subsequent additions through ministerial letters
(austria, belgium, bulgaria, cyprus, croatia denmark, estonia, finland, france, germany, greece, ireland, italy, latvia, lithuania, luxembourg, malta, holland, poland, portugal, united kingdom, czech republic, romania, slovakia, slovenia, spain, sweden, hungary, swiss confederation, norway, liechtenstein, iceland)
· Citizens under 18 years of the European community and non-EU citizens
· Italian teaching staff from the permanent or fixed-term school upon presentation of suitable certification issued by educational institutions
· The direction of the Colosseum Archaeological Park has determined a few days during the year with free admission and no presale. For further information consult the page of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
· European Union tourist guides in the exercise of their professional activity
· European Union tourist interpreters in the exercise of their professional activity
· Employees of the MiBACT
Members of icom (international council of museum)
· Members of iccrom (international organization for conservation of cultural heritage)
· Groups or groups of students from the public and private schools of the european union upon reservation accompanied by a teacher every 10 pupils
· Teachers and students of the faculties of architecture, conservation of cultural heritage, educational sciences and degree courses in literature or literary subjects with archaeological or historical-artistic address of universities and academies of fine arts and enrolled in the respective specialization, specialization schools and to PhD students in the aforementioned disciplines of all the member countries of the European Union. the ticket is issued to students by showing the enrollment certificate for the current academic year
Socrates and Erasmus students of the above disciplines
· Art history teachers of high school institutions
· Students from the schools of: central institute of restoration, hard stone factory, school for the restoration of the mosaic
· Employees of the ministry of cultural heritage
· Journalists registered in the national register and journalists from any other country, in the performance of their functions and upon presentation of a suitable document proving the professional activity carried out
· Disabled people and their family member or companion belonging to the social and health care services
· Operators of voluntary associations that carry out, on the basis of the agreements in force stipulated with the ministry, pursuant to art. 112, paragraph 8, of the code, promotion and dissemination of knowledge of cultural heritage
· Born with Culture Project (three-year agreement: from 11/29/2018 to 11/29/2021): cultural passport for each new born, allows free entry to the Park for the child with the family (up to 2 companions) until the end of his first year of age.

Tickets purchased cannot be refunded or moved to another date or to another time slot on the same day.