Colosseum Stern - Ticket reservation with scheduled entrance time - three-monthly availability

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Please note that for safety reasons the Colosseum can accommodate up to 3.000 people at once. This could lead to delays in access to the site, even for pre-booked visitors. ​For security reasons all visitors and their luggage shall be screened. To facilitate the security checks please insert any object (including mobile phone) in the bag/backpack or in the tray to be included in the X-ray.

full entrance fee € 12,00
reduced entrance fee € 7,50 collected at the ticket desk
free entrance collected at the ticket desk
reservation fee € 2,00

This entrance is accessible only for groups or individuals leaded by an accredited guide.
Groups can be composed of a maximum of 50 participants.

It will be necessary to show at the ticket office a list of the participants with their names and date of birth on headed notepaper. Without this list, the group will not be able to enter from this entrance and will be directed to the ordinary groups’ entrance.
This service is not available during the free first Sundays of the month.